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Tips To Care For Your Rented Air Compressor

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If you’re renting an air compressor for the first time, it’s important that you understand some of the common complications you could encounter. Knowing how to deal with them ahead of time may help you to be better prepared in the long run. Here’s a look at some things you should know to keep the compressor running at its best. You’ll Need a Drain Valve Most air compressor tanks are crafted with an inner liner that’s made of steel. That steel liner may be susceptible to corrosion from accumulated moisture. That’s why you should never overlook a malfunctioning drain, because the condensation building up in the system can damage the liner. Although most tanks have a manual drain plug, opting for a drain plug that automatically drains the tank can ensure that you don’t forget. Most rental companies offer compressors with a variety of drain choices, including several different types of automatic drain plugs. There are three primary styles of automatic drains that you can choose from. Valves that rely on electronic timers are regulated so that they only open the valve to drain the water at predetermined intervals. It doesn’t matter what the water level is inside the tank, because the valve is regulated by a timed cycle. Since it’s electronic, you’ll need to make sure you have a backup power source to keep it running. Electric sensor valves also require a consistent source of power. These valves rely on a probe and sensor assembly that opens the drain valve automatically when the water level contacts the sensor. It only opens when the water level reaches the predetermined level, instead of working on a schedule. You can also choose a float-controlled valve. These open and close based on the level of a small float that’s in the drain tank. When the water level pushes the float to a certain point, the valve opens and drains the water. Then, the valve automatically closes when the float drops below that limit. These don’t need any kind of power source, because they’re mechanical. They’re a great choice if you only want the valve to drain the tank when it’s absolutely necessary. There Shouldn’t Be Water In The Air Line If you’re seeing moisture on the tools that you attach to the compressor, that’s an indication that there’s moisture in the air line. It often means that the condensate trap is clogged or has failed. You can try cleaning it out, but if that doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to have the rental company replace the condensate trap. Another common cause of water in the air line is a malfunctioning air dryer. If the air dryer isn’t functioning correctly, it won’t keep the condensation out. You may need to call the rental company and inquire about a larger air dryer in that case. You Can’t Neglect The Air Intake The air intake has a filter attached to the end that’s designed to catch dirt and other particles before the air enters the compressor. If you don’t keep the filter clean, it may lead to dirt and other debris clogging the inside of the air compressor. Remember that you should check the air filter frequently for any signs of problems and replace it when it gets dirty. The more hours the compressor...

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3 Important Things To Know About Customer Retention In Business

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Customer retention is a commonly used phrase in business, and that is probably because it is such an important principle. Retaining customers turns first-time customers into repeat customers, and it turns repeat customers into long-term customers. This principle is extremely important if you want to effectively grow your business, and this is vital for any type of business. Here are three things you should understand about customer retention. Why It Is So Important With a lot of competition in business today, every customer you have is important for your company’s success. Landing a new customer can be a difficult task, and that is why focusing on retaining your customers is so important. Your business will not grow steadily if every customer you have is a first-time buyer. On the other hand, imagine how your company could grow if you continuously add new buyers to your mix and keep all the customers you currently have. A recent study concluded that 80% of the income your business will receive in the future will come from only 20% of your current customers. Another study showed that you could potentially increase your company’s profits by 95% if you can find a way to increase your customer retention level by just 5%. If you lose any of your customers, especially some of the big ones, you could be directly damaging the future profits of your business. It is much easier to retain your current, steady customers than it is to develop good relationships with new customers. New Customers Are Also Important Retaining existing customers is vital; however, you should also understand that adding new customers to the mix is also important. Your existing customers may not be around forever. Because of this, you will also need to focus on finding good methods that help you find new customers that will turn into repeat customers. Finding the right mix can be difficult, which is why you will need to have strategies for both goals. Strategies That May Help You Accomplish Your Goals Whether you are trying to retain your existing customers or find new ones that will turn into long-term customers, your strategies may be similar. Here are some methods you could incorporate into your business to help you achieve both goals: Keep up with current trends – A business that does not keep up with current trends may have a hard time staying above water. When you focus on keeping your products and services up-to-date and trendy, you will keep your business alive. To do this, you will need to periodically evaluate the trends in your industry and make the necessary changes so you can provide your customers with the goods and services they want and need. Be personal – Sending personal emails or letters to your clients is a great way to let them know they are valued. Things like this can help improve the relationship you have with your customers. When they feel close to your company, they might be more prone to continue doing business with your company. Improve customer service – One of the most important steps you can take to retain your customers is offering excellent customer service. As you try to improve your customer service, focus on making it easier for your customers to place orders or ask...

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4 Things Your Restaurant Needs For Fire Protection

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Every business needs to protect itself against emergency situations, but restaurants are especially vulnerable. With about 8,000 restaurant fires occurring annually between 2006 and 2010 and a resulting $246 million in loss, it certainly pays to prevent that hazard altogether. Here are four things your restaurant needs in order to be protected against fires. Wet Chemical Hood System Most restaurant fires start in the kitchen with food. So it makes sense you’d want to have a system in place to nip the problem right where it starts. These wet chemical systems are specifically designed and installed in and around the hood to protect high-end cooking appliances such as hoods, exhaust ducts, deep fryers, grills, broilers, griddles, and pretty much any range top. So how do they work? Once a fire is detected, they release a potassium carbonate solution, and this solution reacts with the cooking oils to produce a foam that cools everything down in an instant. These systems are the preferred method for preventing re-ignition, which is common with grease fires that tend to spread. Water Sprinkler System These fire preventatives have improved drastically over the years, now proving to be 98-99% effective at controlling fires, so long as the owners keep the valves open at all times. They work a little differently than a wet chemical system in that a sprinkler will actually “suffocate” the fire with water and cool down the surface by releasing steam. And if the need to evacuate arises, they will work continuously until the fire department arrives. Now, you never want to rely on only one resource when it comes to extinguishing fires. That’s why when you combine a sprinkler system with a wet chemical hood system, your business is doubly protected.  Some business owners worry about water damage with sprinkler systems, but consider this: if the fire department comes out and puts the fire hose to use, you’re looking at much more extensive damage. So an effective sprinkler system could actually result in less damage overall. Another proven advantage is that only the sprinklers in the surrounding area of the fire will release water when needed. So if you have a small kitchen fire that’s quickly extinguished, your customers may never know.   Portable Fire Extinguishers This isn’t just a good idea. It’s the law to have at least one class K extinguisher on hand. Class K extinguishers are a little different from the others in that they’re specifically designed to put out “kitchen” fires. They work similarly to a wet chemical system contained in a hood, working to extinguish the fire via foam. They also spray a mist as opposed to coming out with force that could spread the fire. For maximum protection, it’s advised to have an ABC extinguisher as well. These are your standard, red extinguishers rated to deal with fires involving paper and wood, cloth, electrical components, and flammable liquids. They are perfectly suited for the customer portion of your restaurant, particularly if you use table candles. Highly Trained Employees According to OSHA, fires are the most common emergency to plan for, and well-trained employees can make all the difference, starting with teaching them how to clean. Most restaurant fires are caused by dirty hoods, vents, and ceilings, so your employees should be trained on frequent cleaning. To ensure this gets...

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Refridgerator Error Codes: Is Professional Service Needed?

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New technology in refrigerators makes it a lot easier to diagnose issues when a problem has occurred. Instead of guessing or listening for strange noises, a display indicator on a fridge will show an error message or a variety of flashing lights. Taking a few minutes to diagnose and determine the exact problem will help you decide whether you should call for refrigerator repair service or attempt a solution on your own. By breaking down the different problems, you can prepare and understand why the code appeared in the first place. Communication Errors When using panels and custom refrigerator settings, the appliance often uses computer boards and circuits to relay information. When there is a problem relaying this information, the fridge will display a communication error. For example, on a some fridges, communication errors appear as “F-10.” Sometimes these errors occur randomly due to a short in the electronic components. Before calling a service technician, you should unplug the fridge for 30 seconds, plug it back in, and then see if the error message appears again. If the error message continuously appears, you should contact a technician for repairs. One of the upsides of this error is that the basic functions of your fridge will work. There’s no need to clear out food or stop the appliance from operating normally. Frost Errors As frost builds up in the freezer compartment, the appliances have built in alerts and error codes to make you aware of this problem. Frost errors are one of the more basic problems and often do not need a service call unless the frost is occurring on a daily basis. Error codes like “IF” or “FRST” represent different issues with frosting. Error codes are different for each manufacturer, so it’s important to diagnose the codes through the manual or a troubleshooting website for your specific model. Along with removing the build-up from fans and other areas, you can also improve the issue by properly leveling the refrigerator. When the appliance is tilted, water and moisture can flow to a specific area and create the extra frost. Sensor Errors Refrigerators are filled with all types of sensors to gauge temperatures and properly control different compartments of the appliance. These sensors are sensitive and can easily malfunction. A wire can break, a sensor can die, or the mechanism can become pinched within the components of the fridge. Along with the error, you may notice that items are too cold or not cold enough. This problem is commonly associated with sensors not reading temperatures correctly. With all the different sensors located inside a fridge, it’s not a good idea to mess with them when an error occurs. By calling a repair technician, they can order the proper sensor and replace it. New sensors will also help give you more accurate readings and settings for the fridge. Power Failures During a power glitch or full outage, you may experience a power failure on the fridge. This can display in a number of different ways including “PF,” “E-0,” or “F-1.” This is one of the easiest errors to fix and will usually clear up within just a few minutes. Unplug your fridge for 30 seconds to clear the code. This will help reset the circuits and return your fridge to a normal...

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2 Unique Desk Features That Are Worth The Hunt

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You spent a lot of time creating a one-of-a-kind business, so why would you settle for a run-of-the-mill desk? Although it might seem like a hassle to spend time hunting for a truly brag-worthy desk, finding the right piece of office furniture might improve your daily life. Here are two unique desk features that are well worth the hunt, and how they might improve your productivity and office security: 1: A Napping Area After a stressful conference call or an all-night ordering extravaganza, you might be tempted to head home for a few hours to catch a nap before that next meeting. Unfortunately, going home in the middle of your workday might interrupt your train of thought or put a crimp in your project schedule—especially if you live a long way from the office. Fortunately, some office furniture manufacturers have designed a desk that converts into a napping station. Perfect for small offices, these desks contain a one-person sleeping area directly under the desk. The side of the desk even unfolds to create a pillow area, so you won’t have to worry about kinking your neck while you sleep. If you are worried about privacy, you shouldn’t be. Some of these desks even contain sliding panels that can close off the nap area, so that others can use the workspace while you rest.   Although napping in the middle of your workday might seem luxurious, that brief nap might actually improve your overall productivity and workplace attitude. Research has shown that naps improve alertness and reduces stress. In fact, a NASA study found that astronauts who took a 40-minute nap performed 34% better and were 100% more alert on the job. 2: Secret Compartments If you like spy movies or historical dramas, you might be familiar with the concept of secret compartments. After struggling for days to find hidden documents or pricey jewels, that historian or under-cover agent might pop open a hidden compartment to discover the loot. Although hidden compartments might seem like something reserved for the movies, you might actually be able to bolster your office security (and entertain your guests) by investing in a desk with a few hidden chambers. When furniture with hidden compartments was first available in the 1720’s, wealthy landowners used them to hide money, titles, or valuable jewelry. Although you might use a safe deposit box at your local bank to house these types of goods, it doesn’t mean that a desk with a hidden compartment wouldn’t be useful. Anything can be hacked these days, which is why a hidden compartment in a desk might be perfect for storing sensitive paperwork, portable hard drives, or even intellectual property like blue prints, patents, or trade secrets. Some desks even contain locking hidden compartments, which means that an intruder would need a copy of the key in addition to a good idea of where to find the compartment. Fortunately, hidden compartments aren’t just for the paranoid business owner. Because hidden compartments are an uncommon sight, they might also be a great way to strike up a conversation with a potential investor or business partner. For example, you might stash candy or swag items in that hidden compartment, and then pop them out when it is time to impress your guests. Keep in mind that most...

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Keeping Your Vehicle Decorated: 3 Tips For Cleaning Cars With Vinyl Graphics On Them

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Wrapping your vehicle in vinyl graphics can be a good idea from a decorative point of view or for getting millions of free advertising impressions for your company each year. Vinyl graphics and decals are easy to apply and can completely transform the outer appearance of your vehicle. The wrap life of vinyl graphics vary; however, you can generally expect to get more than 5 years out of them without much effort. The key is to maintain them. In particular, you want to be extremely careful when cleaning cars wrapped in vinyl graphics because this is when most of the damage occurs. Here are 3 tips to consider. Wash the Cars by Hand Frequently Although it’s tempting to bring vinyl wrapped vehicles to automated car washes or to use pressure washers for improved efficiency, the pressure of the water and the angle of the water as it cleans the vehicle can cause the vinyl graphics to lift or peel. Your best bet in preserving the integrity and condition of the vinyl decals is to wash your cars by hand at all times, using mild car washing detergents to do so. Strong caustic cleaners can easily strip the vinyl decals of their glossy finish, which can cause the wraps to become brittle or to develop cracks. Most car owners are not sure how often their vehicles should be washed. They are under the misconception that the more washes the car goes through, the higher the chance that the vinyl wraps will start to peel or lift. While that is partly true, dirt and dust particles, along with fuel spills and bird droppings, should be removed from the vinyl surface as soon as possible. If not, the finish on the vinyl graphics will begin to fade and wear down. This will only shorten the lifespan of the vinyl graphics. Be Wary of the Spray Angle and Distance When washing vinyl wrapped cars by hand, you want to be very careful with the spray angle and distance of the water coming out of the hose. If the angle of the water stream is positioned at a sharp angle to the vinyl graphic, the pressure of the washer could cause the vinyl graphic to lift up from the vehicle and begin to peel. Once the edges start to lift, the damage is generally irreversible, and the vinyl wrap will slowly begin to come off and deteriorate in condition. Your best bet is to keep the angle of the water stream at a slight angle only. In addition, it’s best to keep the hose at an arms length distance away from the vehicle. This prevents the water from becoming too overbearing for the surface of the vinyl graphics. This is particularly true if you purchased vinyl graphics with custom finishes. Wash Your Car Inside If you can wash your car in the garage, do it. The vinyl graphics can be quite vulnerable to temporal fluctuations. If the weather outside is rather cold, the vinyl graphics may become damaged if you wash your car outside. It’s best to keep your car indoors or to move your car back indoors to dry in an environment with a relatively constant temperature. Conclusion Vinyl graphics can last a long time if you know how to care for them....

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5 Advantages Of Using VoIP For Your Small Business

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that allows phone calls to be made over the Internet instead of traditional phone lines. VoIP has consistently grown in popularity over the years, and in 2015 the VoIP industry is expected to grow by a whopping $76 billion. While VoIP does have advantages for individual customers, it can be especially useful technology for small businesses. Here are five perks of using VoIP for your small business: Lower Costs If your business’s phone bill has really been adding up lately, you should definitely look into switching to VoIP. Traditional analog phone service charges by the minute, which means the more you talk the more you pay. Since VoIP uses your broadband connection to make calls, you aren’t charged by the minute and can therefore make and receive as many calls as you want, without stressing about your bill. In fact, studies have shown that switching to VoIP can save your business an average of 40% on phone costs. This is especially helpful if you make a lot of long-distance or international calls for your small business as these are notoriously expensive when using a traditional phone carrier. Tons of Features While at its most basic, VoIP simply means making and receiving phone calls over the Internet, it often offers additional perks and features that you just don’t get with traditional phone lines. For example, you may be able to send documents, record phone calls, easily share the same main phone line with employees who work outside of the office, and conduct virtual meetings with multiple participants. Another popular feature of many VoIP systems is the ability to have your voicemails sent to your email, where you can listen to them whenever you want or even have them transcribed to text. Go International Since you will no longer need to worry about expensive long-distance charges, once you switch to VoIP you will be able to easily and affordably make international calls. You can even hire employees or freelancers who work remotely in different parts of the world and keep everyone connected to the same easy to use phone system. Just be sure to be mindful of time zone differences when scheduling calls. Great for Conference Calls VoIP tends to work much better than other types of phones when it comes to conference calls. On a VoIP conference call you can easily connect to multiple clients or co-workers in various locations. The sound quality and data connection tends to be really strong, helping you to avoid unclear conversations or awkward dropped calls. VoIP offers more advanced conference features, including the ability to mute individual participants, or easily check that everyone is on the call when it starts. Increased Flexibility Since a VoIP system uses your broadband Internet connection, it can be easily integrated with other Internet services in a seamless way. The way you combine various services can be customized to your own unique small business needs, allowing you the flexibility to use services you really want and skip over the ones you won’t use. You may be able to combine your VoIP with email, fax, and conference services. You can also most likely use your VoIP when you’re away from the office as long as you have an Internet connection. This gives...

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The New Homeowner’s Guide To Buying And Using A Pressure Washer

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If you’re a new homeowner, chances are good that you have little to no experience with power washers. However, these are incredible tools to have around the home. You can use them to quickly and efficiently wash your siding, your fence, your deck, and even your outdoor furniture. Read on to learn how to find the best pressure washer for your needs and how to use it effectively. Buying the Right Pressure Washer There are two basic types of pressure washers: gas and electric. Electric pressure washers are generally designed for light use and will do a decent job of cleaning patio furniture, walkways, and the like. Since they have to be plugged in, they’re not ideal for big jobs, like pressure washing the siding of your home. Gas pressure washers are usually more expensive than electric ones, but if you have big jobs you plan to tackle, this is your best option since they offer more power and don’t require you to drag a cord behind you. When purchasing a pressure washer, pay close attention its advertised PSI. Light-duty pressure washers that only create about 1500 to 1900 PSI are suitable for light jobs like cleaning patios and driveways, while heavier duty ones offering around 3000 PSI can help tackle tougher jobs like removing stains from garage floors. If you can afford to do so, purchase a pressure washer with an adjustable PSI, so you can adjust the pressure to suit a wide array of cleaning tasks. Tips For Power Washing Various Areas and Items All pressure washers work slightly differently, so you’ll need to follow the instructions that come with yours to hook it up to a water source and figure out what button or lever to press to spray the water. Regardless of the model you choose, there are a few tips you should follow whenever you’re pressure washing anything: Always wear eye protection when using your power washing. The force of the water stream could blind you if you’re accidentally hit in the eye. Stand to the side of the area you’re cleaning. Start by cleaning the area furthest from you, and then work towards yourself. Keep your power washer away from electrical sources like power lines and appliances. Outdoor Furniture Pressure washing your patio furniture saves you from having to scrub it. With your pressure washer on the lowest setting possible (1500 PSI is ideal), start by spraying the top of the piece of furniture, and work your way towards the ground. Stand back from the furniture a few feet. If you still notice caked-on grime after power washing the whole piece, you can turn the pressure up slightly and re-address just those areas. Fences If you’re washing a wooden fence, you’ll want to use a lower pressure like 1500 PSI, so you don’t contribute to splintering or loosening any paint. However, you can use a higher pressure on metal fencing. Reaching the undersides of fence beams can be challenging. Resist the urge to stand “below” the fence and try to reach these areas, as this could cause you to spray yourself with the high-powered stream of water. Instead, stand a few feet back from the fence and crouch down, spraying upwards at an angle to reach the bottom of fence rails. Siding To...

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2 Important And Necessay AC Compressor Placement Considerations

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Many people know that air conditioning compressors need to be placed outside in the right space to function properly. If you have recently hired an air conditioning professional, then he or she may have told you that the device needs to be set in a space that is clear of debris, bushes, and trees so the unit is able to receive the airflow it needs. However, this is not the only thing that needs to be considered. As a homeowner, there are several things you need to think about that may not seem important right away. Find out what a few of these considerations are and why they are important. Place the Unit on Solid Ground Many homeowners notice some water near the edges of their homes. Water can run off the roof, out of gutters, and out of poorly placed sump pump lines. You may notice this issue too, if your property has drainage issues. This happens most readily when clay and rock make up a good portion of the soil. Unfortunately, wet soil means your air conditioner may sink into the earth over time. This happens not just because of the soil, but because of the unit itself. If you have ever tried to pick up a window AC unit, then you know air conditioners are quite heavy. The weight is due to the amount of copper contained inside the device that is used to make the coils. One of the heaviest window units weighs just over 200 pounds, but you can expect a larger outdoor compressor to weigh much more.  Using a Pad Weight and wet ground problems cause AC sinking issues, but so does the vibration of the unit itself. To avoid these issues, consider setting the air conditioner on a solid surface. In some cases, this may mean having a concrete pad constructed. You can create one yourself, as long as the pad is wide enough that the edges of the unit sit at least one foot from the edge on each side. Also, a solid gravel base around six inches deep is needed too, with a four to six inch layer of concrete on top.  If you do not want a permanent concrete construction on the side of your home, then you have the option of purchasing a rubber or vinyl pad to set the device on. Just make sure the pad is flat before the compressor is set on top. A tipped or slanted air conditioning unit can leak coolant. Think About the Wind One reason why an air conditioner is best placed away from trees and plants is to make sure that dirt and other matter does not blow into the compressor fins and block the fan or the heat exchange process that takes place in the unit. If you have high winds on your property, then this can also cause debris to enter. This means you should consider the general wind speeds and direction when placing your unit. It is most important to consider the active wind during the spring and summer, unless extensive winter storms may damage the unit. You cannot exactly predict wind direction. However, you can figure out the direction that the wind is going to blow most often. This is based on prevailing winds, land breezes,...

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How Outsourcing To A Call Center Can Save Your Business

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According to a study by NewVoiceMedia, $41 billion is lost each year by United States brands solely because of poor customer service. About 65% of people surveyed admit that they have cut ties with a company after a bad customer service experience. As a business owner, you don’t want to lose customers because you cannot meet their customer service needs. You can avoid this by outsourcing your calls to a call center. So how do you know if outsourcing to a call center like Around The Clock Answering Service is the right choice for your business? Here are some questions to ask yourself to decide if it’s beneficial for your company. Do client calls often go unanswered? A client’s call should never be missed. This includes going through to the answering machine. If this is happening with your business, you should consider outsourcing to a call center. If you partner with a reputable call center, your will never have to worry about your clients calls not being answered in a timely manner. This is vital when it comes to trying to present your company as a professional ecuntity. Not only will the call center ensure no calls are missed, they can relay important calls directly to your staff members which will boost productivity. Do you want to offer 24-hour support? Most small companies don’t offer phone support 24 hours per day. Some large companies don’t even have that availability. If your company were to step up and offer support at any time, it would put you at the head of the game. Your competitors would be left in the dust by frustrated customers who want to receive support from the staff on their own schedule. Using a call center will allow customers in different time zones to call whenever they need without hearing the pesky message about calling back during normal business hours. Do you want your client to have better customer service? If you feel like your clients can have a better experience, then it is time to give them one. No one necessarily wants their customers to have poor customer service. The higher your availability is, the happier your customers will be. A call center will have receptionists trained to handle calls for your specific business while you sleep, take vacations, or handle your own business. Do you lack the funds for receptionists? Having several full-time receptionists is costly. Not only do you have to pay each of them a proper hourly wage. You need to offer medical benefits, vacation time, sick pay, and more. The cost to hire enough receptionists to make your company run smoothly is high and possibly way out of budget. Even if you can afford it, you would majorly cut costs by not going that route. If you outsource with a call center, the receptionists don’t technically work for your company. This means that their individual pay and benefits are not provided by your business. Do you lack the space for receptionists? Receptionists need a lot of space. Even with cubicles, you need to have a large enough room for each receptionist to have a comfortable working environment. That isn’t an easy feat for a growing business that is trying to expand in other areas as well. When you use a call center,...

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