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answers to your questions about senior pictures

Your teenager's senior pictures are an important part of his or her high school experience. These pictures will be included in graduation party invitations, sent out to family members to share the good news, and placed in the school year book for everyone to see for years to come. How do you get the perfect senior picture? Do you have the pictures taken inside or outside? Do you use a professional photographer? How much should they cost? These and many other questions are answered on my site to help other parents get through a stressful situation with less stress than I did.



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Moving With A Pet Parrot: Five Helpful Tips

Moving is rarely a stress-free experience, and when you have a parrot along for the move, it can be even more complicated. Whether you're moving locally or across country, you can make the experience easier for your parrot and entire household if you plan ahead. Among other things, this means gathering the necessary pet transport supplies and food, as well as permits and health records.

Don't Wing It: Plan Ahead for Moving Day

When planning a move, everything from choosing a household moving service to closing your bank accounts may be on your mind. During this busy time, it's important not to neglect the important aspect of moving your feathered friend. Before your big move, you need to make preparations for your parrot, in order to minimize stress for your pet and everyone involved. Here are five ways to make the move with your avian companion go smoothly:

1. Know the Law and Regulations

If you're moving out of state, be aware that you may require a permit to keep an exotic pet, such as a parrot. Also, some states ban certain species such as the Quaker parrot, therefore ownership may be illegal. You should contact your state and wildlife department for necessary information regarding the established regulations of parrot ownership.

There are other regulations to keep in mind as well. If you're renting, you need to inquire whether the property owner or management will allow a parrot. There may be restrictions due to the noise factor. Additionally, parrot identification leg bands may be required for legal ownership in some states.

2. Be Sure Your Parrot Is Accustomed to a Transport Carrier Before the Move

Moving day will be stressful for your parrot. When you consider that birds are prey animals, they are easily intimidated by unfamiliar surroundings and view new experiences as potential danger. Choose a safe transport carrier for moving day. It should include one low perch, food and water cups and no hanging toys.

It's best to introduce your pet to the carrier before the move. Do this by placing the bird in the carrier for several minutes at a time, over the course of several days.

3. See Your Avian Veterinarian

Your pet should be given a health examination before your move, and the vet may sign a health certificate as well. Also, if you're moving out of town or out of state, ask the vet for recommendations for a vet in your new location. Finding a new vet may be a challenge, as some vets do not treat exotics or birds.

While at the vet's, it's a good idea to have your bird groomed in preparation for the move. Clipped wings may prevent an accidental escape. Your vet may also offer advice for minimizing the potential of motion sickness in your parrot.

4. Set Up Your Bird's Cage Prior to Moving

Don't wait until you move in to your new home to set up your parrot cage. Choose the cage location beforehand and have it all ready for your pet on moving day. You might want to board your pet during moving day, to keep it out of the way. After things have settled and the movers have left, bring your parrot to its new home and cage.

5. Gather Your Bird Supplies

Before moving day arrives, have the parrot supplies you'll need ready to go. This will include food and water. It's a good idea to take along store-bought bottled water, or you can place boiled water in an airtight container for the trip. If you plan on using a water bottle in place of a cup during transport, be sure your parrot has been accustomed to using one beforehand.

What else should you bring along for the move? Pack paper towels for lining the transport carrier. You might also want to assemble a bird first aid kit. This should include styptic powder or cornstarch to minimize emergency bleeding, cotton swabs, rolled gauze and antiseptic wipes.

Concluding Thoughts on Moving With Your Parrot

Your parrot will mimic your own reaction to new situations and environments. If you remain calm for the move, it will help minimize your pet's stress on moving day. Staying focused and organized will help ensure a successful move.