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answers to your questions about senior pictures

Your teenager's senior pictures are an important part of his or her high school experience. These pictures will be included in graduation party invitations, sent out to family members to share the good news, and placed in the school year book for everyone to see for years to come. How do you get the perfect senior picture? Do you have the pictures taken inside or outside? Do you use a professional photographer? How much should they cost? These and many other questions are answered on my site to help other parents get through a stressful situation with less stress than I did.



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7 Items All Small Businesses Should Print For Advertisement & Information

Small businesses can always use advertising. One great way to advertise is with printed items. While many businesses stick to email and web sites, statistics show that printed items through direct mail works better. More than 90% of young shoppers prefer direct mail over electronic methods. If you own or are starting a small business, here are 7 items you should print for advertisement and information.


Postcards are a great way to advertise your business. There are a few different things that you can do with them. You can send postcards to all the local homes with a new customer promotion on it. If you don't want to mail to random people, you can print postcards to previous customers. You can send postcards to current and previous customers with sale information or coupons printed on the postcard.


Brochures are another fantastic advertising tool. Brochures are very helpful because you can fit a large amount of information. The brochure can tell a little about your business along with services available or items for sale. You can fit all of your contact information and even a frequently asked questions section. If you have a large sale starting or a new item or service added to your business, brochures are a great way to tell your customers all about it.


If you need to give a lot of information to customers, booklets are a wonderful way to do that. It allows them to find all of the information that they need in one place so they aren't losing single papers that you may give them or calling frequently with questions.

Business Cards

Business cards are extremely important for everyone. Even if your business shows up easily in an internet search, customers can keep your business card right in their wallet. If you have several employees that work with customers, business cards allow customers to know exactly who they spoke to. Sometimes customers find an employee that they prefer to deal with every time, and the business card allows them to remember the name. You can also give or send current customers stacks of business cards to send out to their friends to refer your business.


Folders are a great way to provide information for customers and employees. You can have folders printed with your company name and logo. If you have training materials, schedules, and other loose papers for your employees, you can put them all in the folder for your employees to take home.

The folders are great for first time customers as well. You can put a booklet, brochure, business cards, and whatever else the customer may need inside of the folder. You can also hand out extra folders for friends who are potential customers upon request.


Newsletters are important for keeping customers and potential customers informed. You can send out monthly newsletters that keep people up to date on upcoming events, sales, or changes within your company. This will give your customers an entire month's worth of information all in one place.

Newsletters are also great for employees. You can remind them of upcoming changes or events that they need to prepare for. You can also announce an employee of the month, or anything else that you feel is noteworthy.


Stationary is a subtle way of advertising your business. Any time a customer needs you to write something down or you need to send a letter, you can use the company stationary. It allows them to have all of your company information right on the paper and is a constant reminder about your business. Additionally, it looks much more professional than writing on blank paper.

While computers are important, your business shouldn't be secluded to a web site. Customers still enjoy printed items that they can keep or receive in the mail. It will show your current customers that you are thinking about them, and help bring in new customers as well through advertisements. For more information, contact a company like Des Plaines Office Equipment Company.