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answers to your questions about senior pictures

Your teenager's senior pictures are an important part of his or her high school experience. These pictures will be included in graduation party invitations, sent out to family members to share the good news, and placed in the school year book for everyone to see for years to come. How do you get the perfect senior picture? Do you have the pictures taken inside or outside? Do you use a professional photographer? How much should they cost? These and many other questions are answered on my site to help other parents get through a stressful situation with less stress than I did.


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Keys To Buying The Right Shipping Tube For Important Documents

Any time you need to send important documents through the mail, it's recommended to use shipping tubes. They're durable and will provide your forms with ample protection. Buying the right shipping tube is easy thanks to this advice. 

Make Sure Size Is Perfect

Size is one of the most important attributes to get right with a shipping tube for documents. The slightest miscalculation can result in a tube that's too small, and then you'll have to start all over.

The best thing you can do is simply measure the documents that you're shipping. Roll them up as tightly as you can together and then get their diameter. Then see how long they are. These figures will let you know exactly how large your shipping tube needs to be. You can then purchase with a lot more confidence.

Opt For Heavy-Duty Construction

If you're a little worried about sending documents in a shipping tube, then you may want to get a tube with a heavy-duty design. It will be more expensive, but you'll have added protection that will make this shipping process less stressful overall.

Heavy-duty shipping tubes are made from thicker cardboard materials, which will hold up throughout the entire shipping process. Even if the tubes are dropped or mishandled on accident, the contents inside will remain perfectly intact. That may be something to consider if you're shipping these documents far away, such as across the nation.

Test Cap Seal Strength 

Once your documents are inside the shipping tube, you'll secure caps on both ends typically. It's important that the caps create a tight seal so that when the shipping tube moves, the contents inside will remain there until the caps are taken off by the recipient.

Probably the best way to see how strong of a seal the caps can make is to actually put them on your shipping tube. After pushing them snugly into position, see how much give they have. If they don't budge even with a little force, that's a good sign that the caps have a strong seal and you can then worry less.

Shipping important documents may be necessary at some point, whether it's mortgage papers or blueprints of a home. As long as you spend time looking for the right shipping tube, this shipping process will be less stressful. You'll have ample confidence that your documents will be okay when going through the mailing system. 

To learn more, contact a shipping tube supplier.