answers to your questions about senior pictures

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answers to your questions about senior pictures

Your teenager's senior pictures are an important part of his or her high school experience. These pictures will be included in graduation party invitations, sent out to family members to share the good news, and placed in the school year book for everyone to see for years to come. How do you get the perfect senior picture? Do you have the pictures taken inside or outside? Do you use a professional photographer? How much should they cost? These and many other questions are answered on my site to help other parents get through a stressful situation with less stress than I did.


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Looking For A Used Harley Davidson For Sale? What To Know Before You Buy And Ride

If you are getting your motorcycle driving license and you are looking to purchase a Harley Davidson motorcycle for sale, there are different things to do to make sure that you get a safe bike and that you don't overpay. You want to look at the different models and makes of the bikes to see what would be a good beginner bike for you and what type of bike is the best for your budget. Here are some of the things to do before investing in a bike that you are interested in.

Have a Mechanical Inspection

A mechanical inspection is an easy way to determine if the machine is in high-quality condition and mechanically safe to drive before you make the purchase. The inspection will tell you if you need to have any work done, if the bike is in the condition the seller says, and if the bike is worth the value of the purchase price.  

Do a Test Ride

You can get the mechanical inspection done while you test ride if the owner of the bike doesn't mind. On the test ride, also be sure to:

  • Test the brake system
  • Get on a highway or road with higher speeds to confirm gear shifting isn't a problem
  • Check out the radio and other electrical devices

You don't want to get on a ride after the sale and realize the radio system doesn't work, the bike has an alignment issue, or a different problem.

Compare Similar Listed Bikes

If you aren't sure how to determine if the bike is worth the listing price, or how much value the upgrades and enhancements are on the bike, take your time and do research. Find out what other bikes are listed at with the same manufacturing year, model, or enhancements. Having comparables should help you negotiate the price if needed.

There are a lot of private sellers and dealerships that will have used options, so take the time to find the right Harley Davidson motorcycle for you and to get a bike that is in good condition and worth the investment. You don't want to get a bike and find out you have to stick money into it to ride.

Take the time and ride as many bikes as you need to make sure you are getting a good beginner bike. This will help you adjust to riding more easily and comfortably.